Panchayet & Rural Development Department of Government of West Bengal has decided to implement a Panchayet-based development programme having active participation from the villagers through the Convergent Community Action with effect from the financial year 2000-2001.

What is aimed at through C.C.A. is social equality and economic development. All the members of the Gram Sansads and all the villagers will have a role to play in six different sectors under C.C.A. viz.



Child & Women Development

Agriculture, Irrigation, Animal Husbandry and Fishery

Cottage & Small Industries & Trade



The plans will be formulated after assessing the following points


Analysis of the socio-economic condition of the people


Assessment of the natural resources like land, water, agriculture etc.


Identification prioritisation of the local problems

Involvement  of at least two women in these sectors will have to be ensured. A Task Force will be formed with G.P. member, G.P. Secretary, Job Assistant, Gram Sevak, Bhumi Sahayak, Health Assistant, I.C.D.S. Supervisor, Block Level Officers etc. as its member.

After necessary training of all Resource Persons and the members of Task Force, work of field survey will be started  in two ways

Information of concerned family
General information of the entire village holding group meetings Para/Tola wise

Secondly the Resource person will analyse the collected information and take suitable steps to solve the anomalies lying in the way of development.

Thirdly in the meeting of  Gram Sansad detailed discussion will be made for each of those six sectors.

Fourthly the Task Force will sit together for discussion with the resolution resolved in the Sansad meeting and then this Task Force will prepared sector based plan.

Fifthly Gram Panchayat development seminar will be arranged and then the Task Force will prepare the draft plan of Gram Panchayata for one year and five years respectively.

In a word this is a total and complete plan which is an assimilation of different departmental plans for a specific Geographical area.

The primarily selected places throughout the State in order to launch the Pilot Project in 4 Blocks are Shalboni of Midnapore, Kashipur of Purulia, Mal of Jalpaiguri and Haringhata of Nadia were Haringhata Panchayet Samiti of was selected first to launch the Pilot Project and all the ten Gram Panchayets under Haringhata Block have submitted their action plan under CCA for the year 2001-2002.

Social equality and economic development will also be brought about in the following  Blocks / Panchayat Samities viz. Krishnagar-I, Krishnagar-II, Chapra, Nabadwip, Tehatta-II, Hanskhali,  Ranaghat-II and Chakdah.


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