Central Despatch

Letter issued by the various sections of the collectorate were despatched by this wing.

Verification Roll

Verification roll of Defence Personnel, Security Forces, Central Government Employees etc. are routed through this Section.

During the period under report 1187 rolls were received and these were forwarded to the Superintendent of Police, Nadia for verification and report. During this year 1335 VRs including 378 of the previous year were sent to the Issuing Department / Authorities after being duly verified by the police. At the end of the year 230 VRs were pending with Police Department.

Matters relating to Defence Personnel

This section deals with the welfare of serving soldiers, protection of their families, welfare and other benefits of Ex-servicemen. During the period under report, 157 letters relating to serving soldiers and Ex-serviceman were dealt with.


The summary reports of the inspection of the Sections of the Collectorate with the Collector's observations were obtained except District Youth Office, Library, Judicial Munshikhana and Nazarath Sections. These may be sent to the Commissioner, Presidency Division shortly.


At present applications for citizenship certificates are received by this Section and forwarded to the Government of India through State Government for necessary action.

  • No. of applications received with prayer for citizenship  : Four
  • No. of Citizenship Certificates delivered     : Two

Matters relating to the welfare of the minorities

  • Prime Minister's 15-Point programme for welfare of minorities
  • Wakf Estate, Mosque etc.
  • Haj

Besides, matters relating to the following are also dealt with in this Section

  • Environment Pollution Control
  • Government sponsored State Lotteries
  • Issuance of Identity Cards to Government Employees
  • Deputation of Political Parties, Unions, Associations etc. and remedial actions thereon
  • Performance of auspicious days viz. Republic Day, Independence Day etc.
  • Pension cases of 2nd World War veterans
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Child Labour
  • Allotment of Government Flats
  • Issuance of domicile certificate
  • Preliminary arrangement for Madhyamik / Higher Secondary / B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com / Joint Entrance / S.S.C. and P.S.C. Clerkship Examinations
  • Workmen's Compensation

Local Newspaper

During the period of report, 92 applications were received for allotment of title of Newspapers. All the applications were forwarded to the Register of Newspapers, Government of India (RNI) for necessary action, out of which approvals for 63 applications were received, 12 applications were rejected and 17 were pending with R.N.I.

From of Application

Residential Certificate

Verification of Title

Form of Declaration


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