IT & E-Governance


National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Department of Information Technology is to provide computer-based information services for decision support to Government Offices/Bodies at National, State, District and Block Levels.

NIC offers network services over Ku-band (TDMA, FIDMA, IPA & SCPC V-SATs) wireless metropolitan area Networks(MAN) and local Areas Networks(LANs) with NICNET gateway for internet resources, facilitating Information services for decentralized planning, improvement in government services and wider transparency of national and local governments.

NIC implements information technology projects in collaboration with Central and State Governments, in the following areas:

  1. Centrally sponsored schemes and central sector schemes
  2. State sector and state sponsored projects
  3. District Administration sponsored projects

NIC has State Informatics Officer in all States and Union Territories.

The NIC, Nadia District Unit launched its district Informatics services after installation of super PC-AT at the administrative building on 29th may 1990. Since then a lot of development has taken place in the Hardware & Software sectors.

From time to time NIC receives new machines from NIC, HQ, New Delhi.

Currently NIC is equipped with 4 nos. of P-III and 2 nos. of P-II machines and one 128 Kbps IPA V-SAT to provide the internet services. It is also well equipped with UPS, printers etc. Amongst these three Pentium III PC's one is a Server(Model  "WIPRO NETPOWER"). All the machines are connected in a LAN ( Local  Area Network ).

Platform used: SCO unixware2.1,windows NT 4.0,Windows 95/98, Windows 2000  Professional,
Windows 2000 Server & Linux 7.2

Application used: Lotus Smart, Ms office

DBMS&RDBMS used: FoxPro, SQL server 7.0, FoxPlus (Unixware)

The Major Objectives of NIC Nadia District Units

  • Development of necessary computerized and appropriate information system and Create Database in various sector of State Government Department
  • Promotion of Informatics culture in the District
  • Establishment of Computer networks with necessary communication equipment for ensuring easy access of information and easy transmission of information from one level to another level of Administrative Hierarchy.
  • Provide Internet services to Government Department
  • Training to Government Officials and Staffs of various departments.

NICNET has about 2500 geographically distributed nodes throughout the country to access internet and provide email facilities to Government Departments.


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