Nature of Work

To implement the different types of pension schemes of Social Welfare Department i.e. Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Disability Pension and also to implement the N.I. Care Scheme for the destitute boys and girls, scholarship for the physically handicapped student upto class VIII, distribution of Prosthetic Aid to identified physically handicapped persons and to issue Identity Cards to the persons with disabilities. To supervise the welfare homes for women under S.I.T. Act  run by the Department of Social Welfare and another home for destitute women run by the West Bengal S.W. Advisory Board at Krishnanagar and also to supervise a training-cum-production center of S.W. Department run in four blocks.

To supervise activities of NGOs who are working for the development of destitute boys and girls, women and older persons and persons with disabilities under of the specific schemes of the Department of Social Welfare.

Name of the N.G.O.s and activities in Brief

  1. Child Development research & Youth Welfare Centre runs an Anganwadi Training Centre at Banpur, Krishnaganj
  2. Chandra Nath Basu Seva Sangha runs an old age home and a children home for boys at Tehatta-I Block
  3. Karimpur Social Welfare Society runs an Old Age Home, Children Home, Blind School for boys, Short Stay Home for distressed women at Karimpur-I and Karimpur-II Blocks
  4. Kaliganj Block Gramin --  Kshudra-O-Kutir Shilpa & Janakalyan Society installs smokeless chullahs at Nadia and Murshidabad Districts
  5. Kuthir Bagan Samaj Unnyan Society of Nakashipara installs smokeless chullahs
  6. Usha Gram Trust of Birnagar, Ranaghat-I Block runs 10 Balwadi centers
  7. Bhagirathi Shilpasram, Simurali Chakdaha Block runs Children Home for girls and vocational training for local women
  8. Ranaghat Cultural Unit runs a school for the mentally retarded and hearing impaired children
  9. Fulia 52-Bigha Social Development Organization conducts various awareness programmes for the rural development, conducts income generating programme and runs Family Counselling Centre at Police H.Q. Krishnanagar
  10. Chapra Social Economic Welfare Association conducts awareness programme on Health, Social Development, Hygiene etc., Self Employment Programme for local women, S.H.Group formation etc.
  11. Badkulla Luna Silk Khadi Society conducts income generating programme and awareness programme on health, welfare and social evils
  12. Sree Maa Mahila Samity Dutta Pulia conducts various types of Welfare programme for people having various difficulties
  13. A.P.C. Blind School Nabadwip
  14. Helen Keller Smriti Vidyamandir Krishnanagar runs a school for blinds
  15. Paschim Banga Jatiya Bayaska Siksha Parshad Nonaganj Road Bagula runs a school for mentally and hearing Handicapped Children
  16. Sashi Bhushan Karma Kendra Krishnanagar Imparts traning to women for their economic upliftment & other Welfare activities for the Harijan Community

Deals with Act, Rules and Regulations

The Women's and Children's Institutional (Licencing) Act 1956
Supression of Immoral Traffic in Women and girls Act 1956
Dowry Prohibition Act (W.B. Amendment) 1975
Old Age, Widow and Disability Persion Act 1979
Juvenile Justice Act 1986
The Person with disabilities (Equal Opportunities, protection of rights and full participation) Act 1995
The National Trust Act 1999

N.B. All types of Forms of Social Welfare Schemes (except NHFDC loan from for P.W.D.) are available from the office of the B.D.Os


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