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Clay Model

Nadia district has a phenomenal wealth of culture, religion and very rich in education. Krishnagar is an important centre for culture and literature. It boasts literary figures like Bharat Chandra, Dwijendra Lal Roy and Narayan Sanyal among others. There is a vibrant culture of literary exchange among small groups of writers and poets, and there is a strong tradition of stage acting.

In a locality of Krishnagar called Ghurni, there is a colony of artists who work with clay. These artists produce images of Hindu gods and goddesses for traditional worship throughout the year, as well as clay models of human figures and real life objects.

It is said that initially it was Raja Krishnachandra who settled a few families of talented clay artists in the area. Since then the colony has grown and flourished. Jagaddhatri Puja is celebrated with great grandeur at Krishnagar, when lightings from the town of Chandannagar are brought. A lot many expertised gems are to be found here in this heritage city.