SRER 2024

Schedule for Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls w.r.t 01.01.2024 as Qualifying date:

Sl. No. Activity Period
1. Publication of Integrated Draft Electoral Roll On 1st November, 2023 (Wednesday)
2. Period for filing claims and objections 1st November, 2023 (Wednesday) to
9th December, 2023 (Saturday)
3. Special Campaign Dates 4th November, 2023 (Saturday),
5th November( Sunday),
18th November, 2023 (Saturday),
25th November, 2023 (Saturday),
26th November (Sunday),
2ndDecember, 2023(Saturday),
3rd December, 2023 (Sunday)
4. Disposal of Claims and Objections 26th December, 2023 (Tuesday)
5. (i)Checking of health parameters and obtaining Commission’s permission for final publication
(ii) Updating database and printing of supplements
By 01.01.24(Monday)
6. Final Publication of Electoral Roll 5th January, 2024 (Friday)