Subdivision & Blocks

For administrative convenience Nadia district is divided into four Subdivisions – Krishnagar Sadar, Ranaghat, Kalyani and Tehatta. The geographical boundary of Nadia district comprises Bangladesh in the East, Bardhaman and Hooghly district on the West, Murshidabad district on the North and North West and North 24 Parganas towards South and South East.

Subdivision, Block, Police Station & GP
Subdivision Block Police Station No of GP
Krishnagar Sadar Kaliganj Kaliganj 15
Krishnagar Sadar Nakashipara Nakashipara 15
Krishnagar Sadar Chapra Chapra 13
Krishnagar Sadar Krishnaganj Krishnaganj 7
Krishnagar Sadar Krishnanagar I Kotwali 12
Krishnagar Sadar Krishnanagar II Dhubulia 7
Krishnagar Sadar Nabadwip Nabadwip 8
Ranaghat Ranaghat I Ranaghat 6
Ranaghat Ranaghat I Taherpur 4
Ranaghat Ranaghat II Dhantala 7
Ranaghat Ranaghat II Gangnapur 7
Ranaghat Shantipur Shantipur 10
Ranaghat Hanskhali Hanskhali 13
Kalyani Kalyani Kalyani 7
Kalyani Chakdaha Chakdaha 10
Kalyani Haringhata Haringhata 10
Tehatta Karimpur I Karimpur 8
Tehatta Karimpur I Hogalbaria 8
Tehatta Karimpur II Murutia 6
Tehatta Karimpur II Thanapara 4
Tehatta Tehatta I Tehatta 11
Tehatta Tehatta II Palashipara 7