Nadia District MapNadia is situated between 22º53″ and 24º11″ North latitude and 88º09″ and 88º48″ East longitude, this District is linear in shape with orientation of North-South. The District is Approximately 46 ft. above the mean sea level. The Tropic of cancer divides the district in two parts.

The geographical boundary of Nadia district comprises Bangladesh in the East, Bardhaman and Hoogly district on the West, Murshidabad district on the North and North West and North 24 Parganas towards South and South East. Situated on the main rail route connecting Howrah/Kolkata and New Jalpaiguri(NJP) including parts of North Eastern states, the Nadia district can easily be accessed by rail. The major railway stations are Nabadwip Dham, Ranaghat and others with regular trains to Kolkata/Howrah/NJP/Guwahati. The International Rail Link connecting India and Bangladesh passes through Nadia District with Gede as the last railway station at Indian Border. Bifurcated by National Highway-34 on the North and East, the district can also be accessed by road from other parts of the country.

The nearest airport is Kolkata which lies between 100kms to 160 kms from different parts of the district. The regional node and the district head Quarter Krishnagar is approximately 110 kms from Kolkata and easily accessible with regular bus service from Kolkata and North Bengal quite convenient for visitors. The district has good connectivity via waterways through rivers Bhagirathi(Ramnagar-Kalyani), Jalangi(Swarupganj-Gopalpur), Bhairav(Jamsherpur-Betai), Churni(Majdia-Paira Danga), Mathabhanga(Majdia- Govindapur), Ichamati(Karamberia-Purbo Nagar).