Sarpuria and Sarvaja

Industry Manufacturing

There are two leading stories that tell the origin of Sarpuria. In one, Chaitanyadev used to eat three types of confectionery. As mentioned in Chaitanya charitamrita written by Krishnadas Kaviraj almost 520 years ago, one of them was Sarpuri or Sarapuriya. Advaita Acharya himself sent Sarapuriya to Chaitanyadev. Sarpuria is an integral part of making an offering to Chaitanya Mahaparabhu. According to the historical evidence, Krishnagar and the nearby area were chiefly occupied by a large family of milkmen. Thus, the sarpuria came as a West Bengal sweet.

The other story says the creator of Sarpuria was the Chandra Das of Krishnanagar. Sarpuria’s creator is the father of his father Surukumar Das. It is said that, behind closed doors, at night, he used to make doors with sana, latex and sarp, Sarapuriya and his other discovery Sarvaja. The next morning, he used to ferry in the head. The younger Adhar Chandra learned how to cook sweets for his father. In 1902, the sweet shop was established at Nadiar Para, i.e. the present Ananta Hari Mitra Road. The name of the shop is Adhar Chandra Das. In time, it became an institution. But out of fear of haing his recipe stolen, he only made sweets at night, alone. But when the recipe was published gradually, other mules were made to make Sarpuria and Sarvaja.