Shantipur Taant Saree

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Shantipur Taant saree

Santipur is a town beside the river Ganges in Nadia district. It is 80 kms from Kolkata, is famous for its textiles. After partition of India, many skilled weavers of Dhaka came and settled in West Bengal around Shantipur in Nadia district and Ambika Kalna of Burdwan district, both traditionally renowned centres for hand-woven fabrics. With government encouragement and support, the talented weavers soon revived their ancestral occupation and the art of exquisite weaving once again flourished. Today, finely woven feather-touch textiles and saris in exotic designs and colours are being produced in the vast weaving belt of Shantipur, Fulia, Samudragarh, Dhatrigram and Ambika Kalna, each centre producing superb fabrics in its own unique weaving style. Fulia and Samudragarh specialize in a combination of Jacquard and Jamdani work which are based on Tangail Saree Culture of Bangladesh while Santipur is known for superfine dhotis and Jacquards. The produce is marketed through some whole sellers & co-operatives and various undertakings.