Ballal Dhipi

Category Historic

Ballal Dhipi is located near Bamanpukur Bazar on way to Mayapur at a distance of about 25 K.M. from Krishnanagar. The excavation work was started here by the Archaeological Survey of India in the early 1980s, It revealed a unique structural complex covering nearly 13,000 Sq. meters. Centering around a mound (Dhipi) having a height of 9 meters. This complex identifies itself with the Vikramsila Vihar. Experts say that this side of Stupa (Vihar) of eighth / ninth century was perhaps a seat of learning and pilgrimage up to the eleventh century.

  • Scattered Ruins of Ballal Dhipi Photo
  • Stupendious walls of Ballal Dhipi Photo
  • Passageway inside Ballal Dhipi Photo
  • Scattered Ruins of Ballal Dhipi
  • Stupendious walls of Ballal Dhipi
  • Passageway inside Ballal Dhipi

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest airport is at Kolkata (Kolkata Airport), which is airlinked with all major Indian and international cities.

By Train

Ballal Dhipi, in Bamanpukur, is 13 km from Krishnagar, 100 km by train from Sealdah station. It takes two-and-a-half hours on a local train.

By Road

The distance is 125 km along National Highway 34 by bus or by hired car.